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A movie you haven’t seen. Submarine.

Ernesto Araica

Twitter: @nestopesto

Oliver and Jordana

Submarine is a funny little movie from the UK that mixes Rushmore and 500 days of summer and mixes it into a big bag of funny heart break with creative story telling.

The story follows Oliver Tate (played by Craig Roberts), a bizarre teenager who’s quiet one man show of a world soon becomes disrupted. He loves his parents,(Played by Sarah Hawkins and Noah Taylor) and can start to see their relationship unraveling. He monitors on a flow chart the amount of sex they have by the setting of the dial of the light dimmer in their bedroom. Things get even worse for them when his mothers high school first love moves in next door, he works as a spiritual martial arts guru who promises new life and experience for people stuck in a rut. (Or in an endless dead end marriage). 

Oliver and his Father (played by Noah Taylor)

At the same time Oliver, desperate to lose his virginity, begins to fall for Jordana (Yasmin Page), a spunky almost bitchy girl in his grade who feels the need to have the upper hand in most situations due to other aspects of her life falling apart and her having no control over them. Their relationship grows as much as she lets it, she thinks feelings are “gay”. He tries his hardest to achieve the goal of any hormonal teenager by cooking her a fancy dinner, and posing on a bed of roses. 

Oliver eventually has to balance his fear of his mother cheating on his father, and being there for Jordana, a girl who doesn’t let people into her emotions, which she begins to do with Oliver. Oliver follows his mother and spies on her and this new old flame she had and trying to convince his father to go sweep his mother off her feet. “Listen, look, i know you think I’m very boring, you know… but once i ripped my vest off in front of a woman, and err… it was very effective actually. It produced a very atavistic response.” Oliver’s father tells him, convincing him he has a glimmer of hope. And Jordana comes to a point where she needs Oliver more than ever. That one moment of truth. 

Oliver’s moms old flame (Paddy Considine)

It’s a quirky fun movie about coming of age. What I enjoy about it is that it’s set in a time you can’t really place your finger on. You know it’s in Wales due to Oliver fantasizing that if he were to die that day all of Wales would fall apart in tears, but other than that it’s a boy trying to keep his life together that his parents keep telling him “When you’re 42, these things won’t matter much anymore.”

Written and directed by Richard Ayoade, who played Saboo in the very funny brit show “The Mighty Boosh”, He brings his hilarious style of comedy but also give your the sense of heartbreak that comes at that age. If you want something well rounded and hilarious I recommend Submarine. Oh, and look for the 5 second cameo of Ben Stiller in the “American Crime Show” portion of the film.